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Rhythmuskreise - der Puls der Gemeinschaft

Rhythmuskreise - der Puls der Gemeinschaft Münchenerstr. 27 Weilheim
D-82362 Germany
Contact Person: Bill Saragosa
Phone: +49 (0)881 927 9733
Hotline: +49 (0)171 704 2510

Empowering Community Through Rhythm is the focus of my work. I maintain that focus for all my client groups:  Businesses, social and youth groups, festivals, and private events. No matter what the occasion, the Feeling of belonging to a greater sense of 'we' -  exactly this is what the participants take home with them.

Rhythm is the underpinning of a group identity. That is why group drumming is very effective for building a sense of Team-and-Community. Making rhythm as a group brings personal and social benefits to individuals and to the whole. 

A feeling of Community is also an important element of Burnout Prevention strategies. The self-made group rhythm experience counteracts the feelings of isolation that comprise one element of Burnout Syndrome.

"Rhythmuskreise" means Circles of Rhythm.  Interlocking Circles of Rhythm is a good metaphor for the way community functions. How many "Circles of Rhythm" can you identify in your community?

A sense of rhythm is innate - everybody has it, and everybody may express theirs. My mission is simply to help them let it out into the sunshine. 

Date added: 28.9.2012  
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