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Drumatic Innovation Drum Circles

Drumatic Innovation Drum Circles 3912 Rapid Lightning Creek Rd Sandpoint
83864 United States
Contact Person: Michael Clark
Phone: 208 627 8011

Why Drumming?

Music is a universal language, and drumming is one of the most accessible ways for diverse groups of people to make music together.

Drumming encourages teamwork and builds skills in listening, participating, and leadership.

Our goal is to help people build stronger communities through making music together in the classroom, at team-building events, and at community gatherings.

In the past few decades, there has been a movement to uncover and recover the ancient art form of drumming and making music together as a community.

The interest in drum circles as a way of community gathering has been growing rapidly all over the world and is happening in many settings.

As well as community circles open to the public, facilitated drum circles are being used in schools as an educational tool; are taking place in multi-national corporations and governments for morale building, in health care facilities with the well-elderly, cancer patients, recovering addicts, alzheimer patients ...and the list grows as more people experience the positive effects of self-expression in a creative and friendly environment.

Drum circles can be extremely effective for corporations, companies, and small businesses that want to enhance the generation of new ideas and better team work.

When people discover that they can collectively produce a good sound without any musical training or background, they start to realize that they can be more effective at work by putting their heads together and working as a team.
Also, drumming uses the brain in a different pattern than the linear thought process that is usually needed in the work environment. A drum circle brings the group to a more open mental and psychological process. The creative side of the brain becomes free to improvise, which can be carried over to the production of new and better ways of working. An excellent tool to kick off any kind of brain storming session, and optimize the quantity and quality of new ideas. I provide the group with the tools they need to figure out the task.

Not only are drum circles a wonderful way to have fun and meet new friends. Other recognized benefits include it as exercise for the mind, body, spirit and a great stress reducer.

Drum circles are coordinated by a facilitator in order to help the group have fun making music together and no musical experience is necessary in order to participate. We are all rhythmical beings! This multi-generational, multi-cultural, activity encourages listening and relating to each other without words and is really a re-connection to the ancient wisdom found in all cultures about the beauty and importance of community gatherings.

Email Michael (at) DrumaticInnovation (dot) com
or Call Michael 208 627 8011

The late Babatunde Olatunji, a gifted drummer and inspirational teacher, made it his life mission to help create peace in the world by encouraging people to communicate and celebrate life through music. He said: “All people from all walks of life, all colors, have various things they can do together to create harmony, and it is the simplest to make music and sing together."

You can now join the Meet-Up group Drum Circles in Olympia to keep up to date with local drumming events. It is free to join and user friendly!
You get automatic reminders so you never miss another drum circle event.

Recreational Drumming empowers people

Drum Classes are now available in Sandpoint
What is a Drum Circle?
Drumming with Children

Drumming Reduces Stress

Drumming is Fantastic for Seniors

Date added: 16.6.2010  
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