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Headrush Outbound- Team Building Activities

Headrush Outbound- Team Building Activities
Contact Person: Jennifer

Team Building

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together issuccess.’ - Henry Ford

"We had a fantastic time at HeadRush and were impressed by way things were organized. The event went really smoothly and every one of us enjoyed all the events! Thanks for your help with everything."
-Divya Paruchuri, Unilever

These simple words of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, form the essence of importance of team building activities. Todays organizations have become much more dynamic, flexible and complex. With increasing globalization, outsourcing and competition, organizations are continuously evolving and changing to leverage on their existing talent.  No one person has all the knowledge, skills and competencies required to plan, execute and monitor business activities. The success of organizations is hugely dependent on the collaborative efforts of their work teams. Whether you are an IT, sales, HR, marketing, finance, supply chain or operations professional, teamwork is an inevitable workplace reality in all industry sectors and across levels.

It is difficult to make people appreciate the attributes of team work through long screen presentations within the four walls of a training room. The real personalities, attitudes and behaviors become much more conspicuous when people interact in a causal setting.

You can choose from wide variety of team building activities  – depending on whether you want to emphasize on diversity in opinions, strategizing, resource management, collaboration, respect and conflict management aspects of effective team performance.

Paintball for Team Building
Team building games like Paintball get team members to synergize their efforts towards a common goal – ‘shoot down the opponent’. It requires members to discuss their ideas and opinions and come up with an effective strategy to win. Individuals learn how to communicate their thoughts effectively and respect others’ viewpoints to achieve the desired goal.

Drum Circle - Amongst our many Team Building Activities
Then there is the Drum Circle – a rhythmic team building activity that aims to teach how to let go of one’s individuality to merge with the group. By blending their beats to form an orchestra, people get to see that team success is dependent on the performance of all the members and teams fail if even one individual does not deliver on expectations.

Raft Building - Another activity in the Headrush fare

Learn how to utilize available resources and to manage conflicts to achieve your goals with adventurous and thrilling Raft Building team building game. Each member will have distinct idea about the raft design and resource utilization, this will lead to conflict. It is imperative to evaluate ideas and adopt a goal-oriented approach to succeed.

Whether your aim is to enhance the productivity of your team, foster a spirit of togetherness, celebrate success, jolt your team before the next big project or anything else, we have the right activity to generate the desired effect!

Check out http://www.headrush.in/outbound/activities/ for a detailed list of team building activities.

Are you game?!

Date added: 17.5.2013  
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