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We are posting a few questions on Facebook and will be using some responses for inclusion in our print magazine. You may become famous and have a chance to win prizes if you respond!

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Rhythm Synergy


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Drum Circle Magazine Announcements
The Drum Magic Way of Life

Jana shares her experience and successful business model covering topics from attracting new clients to delivering an effective Drum Circle and beyond to the post-event follow up.  Click above image to read more...


Jana Broder, founder of Drum Magic, LLC based out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, became the first DRUMBEAT accredited facilitator in the Unites States of America on August 30th, 2013.

The Holyoake DRUMBEAT Program

The Holyoake DRUMBEAT program is being used by school and services working with a broad range of population groups.

Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart is coming to the Tampa Bay, and is also touring America. Mickey Hart is best known for his nearly three decades as an integral part of an extraordinary expedition into the soul and spirit of music, disguised as the rock and roll band the Grateful Dead.

Yoga and Drumming a Natural Partnership

Drumming and yoga connect body, mind and spirit. Both are healing to the inner most parts of our beings. Click above image to read more...

Everybody is asking, "Where is the next issue?"

The 1st Issue of Drum Circle Magazine was put together as a collective effort primarily by Jana Broder, Rob Fowler , and Ester Venouziou as a work of love and with the goal to help promote drum circles and drum circle facilitators around the world.

Jana, founder of Drum Magic,  is one of the leading Drum Circle Facilitators in the world introducing drum circles and drumming to hundreds of new participants every week from all parts of our society, including kids in schools, seniors in care homes, executives and employees in corporate team-building events, at-risk youth in detention facilities, the general public at large festivals, and more.

Rob, owner of 007 Computer Services, is a web developer, graphics designer, and photographer with a passion for drum circles who has worked closely with Jana for several years. Rob's attraction to drum circles goes back to the 70's when he became aware of the healing and shamanic potential of the rhythms.

Ester, a friend of Rob's and Jana's, contributed her professional editing and layout skills to the magazine which helped make it the beautiful publication that it became.

Without an advertising base, a sales team, money in the bank to fund a magazine, or other resources in hand, Jana and Rob were able to bring in enough ad revenue to pay the initial expenses and the printer to produce the first issue of Drum Circle Magazine. The time and work to create the magazine was donated by them as they both worked their full-time businesses. Along with that important achievement, Rob single handedly created and built DrumCircleMagazine.com which has become a popular international drum circle resource with very impressive visitor stats.

The Drum Circle Magazine team is proud of their accomplishment, and looks forward to carrying this needed publication into the future.

The initial concept to produce a printed magazine every three months turned out to be unrealistic financially, and the work involved is overwhelming. With bills to pay, and full-time businesses to run, it is impossible for Jana or Rob to invest that kind of effort  into a project that does not pay for their time.

So where does Drum Circle Magazine go from here?

One of the most consistent comments expressed to both Jana and Rob from the very time they announced Drum Circle Magazine to the world was that the magazine should be an online magazine. Print publications are shutting down across the country, the environmental impact of print magazines is enormous, and the cost of advertising in print prohibits participation of the businesses and events that Drum Circle Magazine hopes to promote and help. Those comments were heard and with the wisdom earned by producing and printing the first issue, serious consideration has been given to moving Drum Circle Magazine fully into the online version. The benefits are obvious, including lower cost advertising rates, rich media such as Flash and video, a wider audience, low impact on the environment, more flexibility of distribution, and so on.

The decision has been made, and not without a lot of serious thought and lengthy discussion. Drum Circle Magazine will be produced as an online rich-media magazine. The first issue is still available until it sells out, but future issues will be available as an online publication only.

New ad rates and other details will soon be announced. Click here to contact Jana or Rob to make suggestions, inquire about magazine ads or website sponsorships, or to offer services or make contributions.

Drumming at Thacker Avenue Elementary

I can still remember the first time I heard “Jana the Drum Lady” drumming with a group of students. There was a feeling deep in my chest... Click above image to read more...

Drum Circle Magazine Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to Ric Doonbali for winning First Place in the Drum Circle Magazine Photo Contest. Click the above image to see all four winners!

A Drum Circle Facilitators Guild? What’s that?

A drum circle facilitator is a person trained in the art of orchestrating rhythm events. A drum circle facilitator is a person trained in the art of orchestrating rhythm events. Click above image to read more... 

Drum Circle Facilitators Conference 2011


The Drum Circle facilitator Conference is open to all people who use drum and rhythm event facilitation in their work.

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